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Water Sort Game

Water Sort is a wonderful color puzzle game. Different liquids are mixed in flasks, and your task is to sort them according to their color. This game is not as easy as it seems and the challenge gets more difficult as you progress through the game. With each level, new flasks and liquids appear. Some of the flasks will be empty and you must use them to complete the quest. You can transfer liquids between different flasks until you have all flasks with liquids of the same color. But be careful - you can only pour into empty flasks and mix only the same liquids. Play this beautiful and minimalistic puzzle game and try not to get stuck!

How to play Water Sort?


At the beginning of the game you will see flasks. Some of them are filled with mixed liquids of different colors, and some are empty. Your task is to collect liquids of the same color in one flask using empty flasks.


Tap any flask to start. Then tap the flask where you want to pour the liquid. Every time the top layer of the mixture is transferred. You can pour liquid only into an empty flask or into a flask with a liquid of the same color.


Do the same with the remaining flasks until all liquids are sorted by color. Note that liquids of different colors must not be mixed in the same flask and liquid must not be poured into the flask if there is no empty space in it.


When the flask is completed correctly, a unicorn will appear above it. Each time the tasks will become more difficult. After completing the task, you will move on to a more difficult level with more liquids and flasks.


Click the back arrow in the top right corner if you want to undo your previous move.

Did you like Water Sort Game?

Water Sort is a fun and colorful puzzle game. It will develop the strength of your brain and help you relax. There are no time limits or tries, so you can play as long as you want. The game has a minimalistic design, so you will immerse yourself in the process. Here, all you need is to sort the liquids in the flasks by color. Each level is an entertaining task, only by completing which you will move on to a more difficult level.

Try to complete each level in as little time as possible to get a really great experience. This game is perfect for both children and adults, because it does not require special skills to play. Thanks to its simplicity, Water Sort has become the favorite game of thousands of people, and we believe that you will always enjoy playing it! You can play it anywhere as all you need to play is your device. Play Water Sort and enjoy your time!